Tom says Jump for James's

On June 2nd 2019 to mark the 3rd anniversary of his near-fatal brain injury, Red Cow Moran Hotel CEO, Tom Moran abseiled the 9 storey extension at the Red Cow Moran Hotel.

Tom’s goal is to help the hospital that helped him. His aim is to raise €200k to build a dedicated Brain Disease Resource & Research Centre at St. James’s Hospital. WE DID IT!

We are so thrilled to have reached our goal and raised €200,000 for St James’s Hospital. These monies will go towards building a dedicated Brain Disease Research and Resource Centre which will commence early 2020.

Thanks to all who helped in any way!

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Aidan Power interviews Tom & Tracey Moran & Dr Colin Doherty

Watch Cliona Hagan & Dave O’Sullivan take on the Abseil challenge

Aidan Abseil-utely powers through his challenge

Three years ago, a stroke caused Tom to sustain a fall whilst on holiday in Spain causing a significant injury to his head. He underwent a craniotomy and spent 6 weeks in an induced coma in Carlos Haya Regional Hospital in Malaga before being air-lifted back to St James Hospital under the care of neurologist Dr Colin Doherty. 

The outlook in Spain from the outset was very bleak and Tom was not expected to survive. Back in Dublin, the prognosis was no more positive. The family were told that IF he survived, that there was every possibility he would require care for the rest of his life. The damage caused to his head was likely to result in him being brain damaged, blind and paralysed….

He has defied all odds and has made an incredible recovery. While, a lot of Tom’s recovery is attributed to his sheer determination and strength of character, he couldn’t have done it without the initial care of Dr Doherty and his neurology team at St James’s Hospital.

Tom is determined to give back to the hospital that got him back on his feet and to help others with brain related conditions. St James’s Hospital treat a large number of patients with a range of brain diseases, including; Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Motor Neurone and other complex brain diseases.