Let’s schedule a meeting

Businesses, organisations, boards, sales teams and colleagues have been meeting at the Red Cow Moran Hotel for over two decades. Our recent refurbishment programme has added another 14 meeting rooms of various sizes to our portfolio which includes two think tanks, state-of-the-art technology and everything else you might need.

Our dedicated meetings team will help you to organise everything on your agenda, from the warm welcome to the final goodbye. Call us on +353 1 459 3650 or email us on meetings@redcowmoranhotel.com.

Presentations and workshops – executive boardrooms with luxurious seating and all the technology and support services you need

Creative think tanks – in quirky think tank rooms that encourage fresh thinking and creativity

Meetings and team briefings – for as few or as many people as you like, in any configuration you need at any time you want – just ask

Brainstorms and team building – from playing ping pong to bouncing ideas off each other, we’ve got those unusual settings that trigger great ideas

Interviews and offices – sometimes you just need to take it out of the usual spaces, or maybe it’s too busy and you need a fresh perspective, you’ll get it here