and so should the celebrations

The whole nation of Ireland celebrated when we became the first country in the world to introduce full civil marriage equality for all, regardless of their sexual orientation, by referendum.

The team at The Red Cow Moran Hotel has always believed that two people who want to show the world that they are in love should be able to do that, without conditions, interference or limits. Your choice of partner should have nothing to do with it and now, since May 2015 in Ireland, it doesn’t.

So let’s start to plan your big day because now it’s even more special.

We’ll give you space

Choose your own space from 21 different rooms, from the elegant outdoor Courtyard Garden to the ballroom which holds up to 400 guests.

Package perfect

Next, choose which package you’d like. We’ve got three for you to consider, starting at just €63 per guest for incredible value. Of course we can adjust any of these packages to build it just the way you want, putting your own stamp and style on every detail of your day.

Seeing is believing

Before you decide anything, pop in and say hello. We’ll give you the tour and listen to what you have in mind. We’ll make suggestions and hopefully make your plan perfect.