and take your time to enjoy it

Tom’s Table is our new restaurant and it’s just wonderful.

Every detail of the design of the room has been carefully thought-out. The centrepiece is a family kitchen table and this sets the tone for the whole restaurant: It’s all about conversation, family values, laughter, good food, setting the world to rights and just great fun.

The Red Cow Moran Hotel is a family owned hotel. Our founder, Tom Moran, comes from a large family and in his home the kitchen table has always been at the very heart of family life. That table, in his home, inspired this table, in our restaurant and that’s why this restaurant is called Tom’s Table. In fact, the original table still sits today in Tom’s family home in Athea, West Limerick. He built it himself as a young apprentice carpenter and to him it represents family, tradition, comfort, community and the pleasures of sharing a good meal and great memories.

Our menus are all about this open, honest, wholesome, natural family way too. So you’ll find steaks, chicken, salmon, duck, pork, shellfish and seafood, all sourced from producers all over Ireland, people we know and trust. Everything we use is seasonal, locally produced and fresh, prepared by hand and cooked to order.

The inspiration behind everything on the menu at Tom’s Table is ‘farm to fork’. That’s why sourcing local, fresh produce is so important. Steaks are particularly good here at Tom’s Table and we have a signature ‘Bull’ Hayes Irish Hereford Ribeye from Limerick just like the great man himself. Our fish comes straight from Kilmore Quay and this provenance, the Irish roots of our ingredients, is very important to us all here.

Tom’s Table. Where great food and great company go hand-in-hand.

To reserve a table, please contact us @ T:01 459 3650
or E: